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How To Do The DC Area In Three Days (And Still See A Lot!)

My husband and I are certified travel junkies. Any chance we get, we are dropping off the kids and hopping on a plane to wherever we decided is next on our list. I love our life. A couple of weeks ago, my kids were in Florida for Spring Break so we decided to take some extra days off and get away ourselves. If we're just going for a weekend, we tend to stay closer to home; California destinations typically. But since we had an extra couple of days, we decided to fly ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY and visit one of my very favorite spots: the Washington DC area.

My husband hadn't been since he was seven years old, and I fell in love with it while living there for a travel nursing job in 2012, so we decided to head out there for some fun.

The thing about the DC area is it is COMPLETELY overwhelming with things to do. You could spend a month there and still not see and do everything, so we wanted to organize the three days we'd have and see as much as we could.

My first recom…