Thursday, January 26, 2017

Who Knew National Spouses Day Was A Thing?

I know I am usually write-happy, but for today, I want to let the pictures do the talking. Because today is National Spouses Day! 

It means something to me, to us, Mr. and Mrs. V, because we fought to get here. We are blessed to be free from the mistakes of our pasts and our grateful beyond all else that we've found The One.

To me, National Spouse's Day is a celebration of the person who shares every aspect of your life with you. My husband knows me in ways no one else does. He has loved me like I've never been loved. We are best friends and know that it was US from the beginning, no matter the treacherous road we took to get there. Today I just want to celebrate some of those selfies we've taken, bits and pieces of the celebration of our union, friendship and love.

Happy National Spouses Day!

I remember every single memory for these. And I love that!

Our first trip together, visiting the Reagan Museum, May, 2014

A special dinner at Famous Dave's, August 2014. Making plans. :) 

Our first college football Saturday, August 2014

A horse drawn carriage ride in Scottsdale, early 2015 

I said YES in Panama City Beach, Florida

Date Night at the movies in Scottsdale, December 2016

Disneyland, January 2017

Prescott snowbunnies, January 2017

Snowy Kisses, January 2017

He wanted a sports girl. The first time he took a girl to a Florida State baseball game. (Also, I was pregnant and would find out two days later!) February 2016

He healed my heart at Clearwater Beach, FL in February 2016

Celebrating our first anniversary at our first date restaurant, Olive & Ivy

Our typical weekend fun at our breakfast spot, First Watch, September 2016

Mother's Day with my very favorites! 2016

Taking aim at Ben Avery Shooting Range, Summer 2016

He flew up to meet me in Chicago when my grandmother passed away. Breakfast at Butterfield's in Naperville, June 2016

Frolicking on the beaches of Malibu, CA, July 2016

More love in Malibu, July 2016

Grand Canyon with my in-loves, July 2016

He surprised me with a trip to Houston when both my Cubs AND my Bears were in town. We saw both games and met the Houston Texans. I was pregnant here AGAIN! 
September 2016

Gametime ready in Houston, September 2016

At the Bears game in Houston! September 2016

FSU vs. Notre Dame, Tallahassee, FL. October 2014

Hiking Thumb Butte in Prescott, AZ. August, 2015

Flying to Atlanta to see the Georgia Bulldogs and visit the Walking Dead set, September 2015

Disneyland, October 2015

Garth Brooks concert (BEST CONCERT EVER!) October 2015

Him: Batdad. Me: Maleficent. Halloween 2015

Walking the Golden Gate Bridge, November 2015

New Years house party, 2015/2016

My 40th Birthday in Disneyland, January 2016

40 year old in a tiara feeling like a princess on her birthday, January 2016

Honeymooning in Disneyworld, Orlando, March 2015

Best Day Ever. March 2015

The day we got our house! February 2015

Flying to Birmingham, AL May, 2015

Aerosmith concert! June 2015

My 39th Birthday, January 2015

Darius Rucker concert at the Phoenix Open, February 2015

Our Very Married Hands :) March, 2015

Yep, we went to Chipotle in our wedding attire. We never got to eat at the wedding!
March 2015

This Moment. 

Honeymoon, Day 1! March 2015

Dinner at California Grille, top of our Contemporary Resort in Disneyworld
Honeymoon, 2015

Our FIRST posted picture together, making it official. May, 2014

Thanks for checking out the Story of Us, ya'll. It's been a magical three years, with a lifetime to go. 
Happy Spouse's Day, my Mr. Ventry. 

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  1. You two seriously are the cutest couple ever!! I wish I had that many photos together with my best friend/spouse! I always feel I'm camera happy! So happy for you friend!! 💞