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Battle Cry Of The Introvert/Disney Wrap Up

So we went to Disneyland this weekend. And what I mean by "we went to Disneyland" is that we were batshit crazy enough to load FIVE children in one of our SUV's and endure five hours of boring desert driving there and back, with eleven miles of meandering the rumored "Happiest Place on Earth" Saturday, sandwiched in the middle. And some rides.

Four of our kids were exemplary. They got along, they were fun, they didn't complain, they kept going the whole time, even once we were approaching 10 miles of walking and the weather was getting chilly after dark. The fifth kid had me counting each mile home, which made for a super fun ride, especially when said kid tried to fling the door open at 75mph on the freeway, because they were mad.

We are absolute Disney addicts, so admittedly we had a super fun time. We ended up on Space Mountain three times-- (if you haven't checked it out since it became Star Wars themed, you're missing out because it's the MOST FUN RIDE EVER. The Imperial March playing as you're climbing in the darkness can't be matched)--and our other favorite, Thunder Mountain Railroad, at least twice. We rode things we haven't done (or in my case it had been 20+ years) like Storybook Land, Mr Toad's Wild Ride and we checked out ToonTown. We also managed to avoid Small World, because no. It's what I assume you feel like when you're tweaking on an illegal substance. That SONG.

Anyway, so you get that we drove there, all seven of us. Did Disneyland. Then all seven of us drove back.

That's A LOT of "together", "memory making" and "family time". Also, Disneyland is so crowded and there are just so many people everywhere that by the time we were on our way home I was counting the minutes to Monday.

Because if there's one thing that's difficult for an introvert, it is crowds and talking and constant noise.  It creates sensory overload and complete exhaustion. I don't know how else to describe it. My brother is my complete opposite in personality; he's extroverted and feeds on socialization. In fact, his job centers around his innate ability to engage with people and get them on board with him. He's GREAT at it.
That's a total nightmare for me. I thrive on minimal interaction, focus, and introspection. So by the end of the trip I was DONE.

The night ended in a flurry of feed the kids, bathe the kids, pack lunches, get laundry going, do dishes, run garbage out, tuck kids in, transfer laundry, line up backpacks COLLAPSE. 

All I wanted was to make it to Monday morning, because all of the kids would be out of the house and I WOULD NOT BE. 

I feel so drained today, that I have no desire to speak to anyone. Not in a rude way, but in a "I need to collect my thoughts and recharge and interaction with humans does not help that" kind of way. No offense, but today is The Monday of Cyn. 

So what do I do on recharge day?

So far I put on clothes, but not makeup.
Well, not really even clothes, just stretchy workout stuff that I haven't yet worked out in today.
I put my hair in a messy bun because I'm not dealing with it.
I have watched the Golden Globe wrap ups on every morning show; Today, Live with Kelly, Wendy Williams.
I made coffee.
I drank coffee.
I made more coffee.
I decided to write.
Then decided to watch the whole Wendy show.
Then went back to write.
I DID, mind you, start more laundry and do the dishes.
I haven't cleaned.
I haven't touched ONE out of place item of the kid's; they can do it when they're here.
Oh! I made the bed too.
I strongly considered cleaning.
I then decided against it.
I am on the couch with my dog, three books and
I need to make more coffee.
I also considered grocery shopping.
I did not do the grocery shopping.
I considered a nap
but I suck at napping so I decided to write.
I did some research for my book.
I texted with my husband and my sister in law.
I decided I like them and they get passes because they get it. 
I kept looking at the clock realizing it's closer to when the kids get out of school.
I am starting to feel better.

We need to take care of ourselves, ya'll! If you're an introverted sort, you HAVE TO take time to recharge. Have time to let your mind wander, feed your creativity, do something in solitude that brings you joy.
For me, it's reading or watching morning talk shows. I LOVE THEM.

And what were our Disney takeaways?


Since we spent our Honeymoon at the Magic Kingdom, I vowed that every time with go to Disney, I will kiss him on Pirates of the Caribbean because, tradition. Mission accomplished with the bonus of annoying our kids. 


Blending a family is difficult. But there are more times than not that we're more of a family than our kids have ever had. This is their first real family, where their parents model strong, redemptive marriage and they learn patience and love through hard times. They know that THIS family isn't going anywhere because they know us. This picture is of our two oldest kids; one is mine, one is his, both are ours. We caught this moment walking through Tomorrowland. Our daughter said, "No one will mess with me because of my brother." His response: "I've got you." 
I know, right?!


Disneyland is OUT OF CONTROL with the wrapping of stuff. So, see that teeny mug in the middle of the couch? Well, when I bought it the cashier disappeared with it for like nine minutes and returned with a massive package that resembled a large, obnoxious vase. 
"What's this?"
"Your mug."
"In HERE?"
That thing the mug is laying on that takes up the entire couch and even hangs down the other side? THE WRAPPING FOR MY LITTLE MUG. 
Disneyland clearly isn't into conservationism. 


I want you to be as disturbed by this picture as we were by the views whilst exiting Disneyland. There was a guy in front of us at first (the one on the far left) wearing BRIGHT pink super super tight strangely short shorts. I remark to my husband that I'm getting him some to showcase his fine butt. He balks. 
Moments later, upon exiting the park, my husband's face looks somewhat shocked. 
"Look...." he whispers, "It's like there's a colony..."
And then I noticed TWO MORE GUYS in the same short, tight shorts. Like, a planned event. They were part of a big family, and I wasn't picking up the vibe they were sending out. 
What the?
So naturally I took a picture. 
And then I noticed one guy was in a Cubs shirt. 
"Ahhh" I remark, mystery solved. 
My husband looks at me quizzically. 
"They're just from Illinois". 

*no Illinois family were harmed by the offensiveness of this quote. But ya'll. The shorts. 

Take care of yourselves, fellow introverts. May we all remain united, separately, in solitude, in our own homes. Also, don't call me today. 

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