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Sunday Vibes.

There's just something about a Sunday morning. For me, this is especially true in the fall, when it's football season and in early November, summer in Arizona FINALLY bows out, giving way to hiking weather for us.

The kids sleep in, the football pre-shows are on, I have time to wake up slowly with my husband and we are in no hurry to get out of bed.

This morning, I grabbed one of my current books, made my tea and curled up on the chaise lounge in our bedroom. It dawned on me that I am the picture of Sunday morning vibes, and just wanted to share a moment where life isn't rushed and stressful. No having to take care of a gaggle of kids because who cares if they're still in their pajamas by early afternoon?

Sundays when I was a kid were great times. In the winters, Mom would make monkey bread and coffee, Dad would build a fire. He always has cold feet so the vision of his socks slung over the fireplace screen getting warmed up is tantamount to all of my childhood memories. We'd all join up in the living room, hoping and praying that our team would be one of the two games we'd have broadcast in the tiny desert Arizona town in which we lived, 1,800 miles away from our beloved Chicago Bears. Twas the olden days, before Directv saved all of us.

Sunday Vibes. 

Most Sundays in current times, after we finally get out of bed, my son comes out to watch games with me, and a new generation continues the trend. I usually will make monkey bread just like Moms, and then I'll scream at the tv for a few hours, because, the Bears are usually ripe with the stench of disappointment. It is our last chance on the weekend before the Sunday blues set in, lunches have to be made for Monday, homework checks, backpacks ready, five kids bathed and tucked away by 8:45.

And so, until then, before their ridiculously high-maintenance selves start to ask for things constantly, I can be found in our room. With this.

I was encouraged in making my tea this morning. I never noticed the tags have inspiring little messages printed on them, and today, this one fell into my palm as though God was pressing a sweet reminder right into my hand. It says "You are unlimited", a timely message while I am transitioning my career into a new degree and a wholehearted push to become a published fiction writer. It's a scary world out there, even when you've been here for a while. So, thanks be to God for even the smallest of encouragements. 

So here, my friends, is my Sunday Vibe:

1. Readers, because I'm almost 41 and dammit.

2. Green tea, because I'm almost 41 and coffee is starting to irritate my stomach. Tis a sad day. 

3. Chicago Bears shirt, because I'm nothing if not loyal. Till the end, boys. Till the end. 

4. A book. Because I am a total nerd-girl and am never ever without one. 

5. Messy hair because don't care. 

6. Honeymoon souvenir mug from Magic Kingdom that says "Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas!" because otherwise the monorail will rip your arm straight off. 

I love my Sunday mornings. 

What's your vibe? 

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