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What You REALLY Want To Say To Your Kids (Uncensored Version).

Ever get REALLY FREAKING ANNOYED with your kids? Because I get REALLY FREAKING ANNOYED WITH THEM, and--speak the TRUTH, parentals-- so do you. There are times, moments, that your heart could not be more full and bursting with love as you admire the fruits of your womb and/or…..testicles? I don't know. What's the PC word there? Loins? Does anyone even say Loins? I'm trying to be an equal opportunist for Dads too. Okay. We're going with Wombs and Loins.
Sometimes you're admiring your Womb-Loin fruit, or your Non-Womb Fruit that you get to/have to help raise (ie: stepkids) and thinking "Wow. They're pretty great/smart/thoughtful". Sometimes.
Other times? Not so much.
Oh, you need an example? Like "When does Womb-Loin Fruit NOT make you joyfully bursting with pride?"
Ahh, yes my cherubs. Pull up that chair. Bring it in close. I will share with you the moments that I would rather be having a Brazilian wax via Big Boo from Orange Is The Ne…