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When The Good Girl/Guys Win--AKA--Why Karma Rocks.

So, the Internet Webs are in an uproar today about the impending divorce of dear, sweet Brangelina; ie: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. But they have children. But they've been together for so long! They are such wonderful humanitarians. It's such a shame. 

I call bullshit.

Do you know who's having a GREAT day, even though she'll never admit it? One Ms. Jennifer Aniston.

It's been a long time since Jen and Brad's divorce, and Jen took a LONG time to find that right guy for her to hitch her star to. Because she's a smart girl. BUT.

We all remember how she was wronged. We all know that Angelina was busy being Brad's sidepiece when they were making Mr. and Mrs. Smith, while Jen was at home, trusting that her husband wouldn't be banging the weirdo who made out with her brother, married BillyBob and wore a vial of his blood around her neck.

Classy chick.

Let me tell ya something folks, going to Africa, doing humanitarian work, trying to rebuild your gross reputation will only work to a certain extent. Because the fact of the matter is, when you engage in an affair, you are causing SERIOUS harm to another human being, and putting your own selfish needs first. And that is, on the ground level, WHO YOU ARE. And so----pretending to be super Mom, adopting children--it's all a cover up for the hole you're hiding in your soul. 

You were selfish.

And Brad?

Where there's smoke, there's fire buddy. Yes, you have the face of a Grecian God and we first fell for you in Thelma and Louise. But you're tarnished. You're selfish as well. You didn't have the guts to LEAVE your wife first before moving into another relationship. You're one of those people. You know, the ones who don't have the strength of spirit to LEAVE a relationship, spend time alone and healing, and THEN get into a new one? You don't have the bravery to be alone. It takes considerable strength of character to move on into the unknown with no one to desperately cling to to "make it all better". It's spineless.

I understand what it's like when someone is so deficient in their character that they choose their selfish needs over that of their spouse and children, while they are still married. And then move on to "helping people" as though they can just forget what an asshole they were. 

Just leave. Just say "I want to move on". Grow some balls, even if you're a female. Because the cowardice of cheating and hiding and only considering yourself will stay with you like a stain on the trajectory of your life. You are destructive and cruel, and did I mention selfish?

I'm sure Jennifer long ago forgave, in order to move on. It frees you. I'm sure, in her new marriage with Justin Theroux, she is THANKFUL, looking in the rearview, that Brad set her free so she could find herself, and, when ready, a better man. Sometimes, we make the biggest mistake of our lives so we can later end up with the best thing that ever happened to us. Amiright?

But that doesn't mean she isn't laughing it up today.

Because, eventually, as my Mom has ALWAYS said, What Goes Around Comes Around. It may take a while, and it may appear a little wrong to celebrate it, but when someone has dicked you around and seemingly gotten away with it, it is maddening. Come on, ya'll. If you were Jen, you'd have yourself a glass of wine and a giggle today. I TOTALLY OWN THAT IN HER SHOES I WOULD GIGGLE.

You have to trust. You have to be Jen. You have to remember that eventually the world rights itself. Maybe this time, Brad cheated with ANOTHER woman (that's the rumor) and Angelina gets a taste of what it was like to be Jen. Maybe she'll have to look at her children and realize she should have been a better woman, for them. Because someday they'll read and know how their parents got together.

99% of the time, how you enter a relationship is how it's also going to end. Is is "karma"? Is it reaping what you sow? If someone cheats WITH you, chances are they'll cheat ON you. Because they are desensitized and insensitive to the hearts of the people who love them. A lesson Angelina may be learning today. And Brad? If he's jumping into yet another new relationship? He may end up a lonely, sad old man. The looks are fading and the heart may be weak.

And so, even if she'll never say it out loud, Jen is laughing. Jen is looking at that husband of hers, her beautiful blessing worth waiting for, and realizing the universe DOES have a balancing system. God is not mocked when He said "You will reap what you sow". If you sow ugly, eventually you get ugly.

I hope that they are able to walk their children through the mess and take time to stay alone. I hope that they have learned from their mistakes. We can only hope. But unfortunately in this world, what is done cannot be undone. In the public eye, this all will follow them around forever.

And today, we rejoice with Jennifer. Because today, for her, life has all evened out.

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