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Fifteen Things I Have Learned From Being An Investigation Discovery Addict.

I fully admit it, I (and I'm throwing my husband under the bus here, too) am a total Investigation Discovery addict. It's morbid and serious and.....abso-fricking-lutely fascinating.

People are crazy, ya'll. And bad juju happens to more people that you think.

So if you haven't been the focus of, say, Disappeared, Homicide Hunter or The Vanishing Women, consider yourself lucky and join the rest of us.

I totally blame my law enforcement Dad. I remember him coming into my room and handing me a folded newspaper, the picture of a pretty little blonde girl in the corner of the article, back in the olden days when newspapers were a thing and Investigation Discovery was like, C-Span 4*. (*Ugh, C-Span). 

"Buddy," he said, referring to me by my life long pet name, "Who killed this kid?" 

It was the news of JonBenet Ramsey. I read the article and scrutinized it with the untrusting eye that he'd taught me to have.

"Probably the mother", I said with …

Lunatic Asylum or Abandoned Graveyard? MY Summer Vacation Ideas!

Do you ever just really, really want to feel, for lack of a better term, creeped out? 
From as early as I remember, I had a penchant for mysteries, morbid things and the science/detective work that went along with these things. I love mystery novels, and my husband and I love to curl up together for an Investigation Discovery marathon. I am intrigued by disappearances of people, and the "why" behind violent crimes. As a teenager, I devoured books on serial killers, because I wanted to know how they think, what makes them tick. I loved medical science and thought I wanted to be a physician, but then having a law enforcement veteran Dad meant I was into figuring things out, solving mysteries and forensic science. Late in my teenage years, I was focused on becoming a criminal profiler for the FBI. Every little girl's dream, right?

When home from college in the summer, I worked as an autopsy assistant with the county medical examiner and loved it. I would get home and find…