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I'm Feeling Blue. Why I Think You Should Be Too.

This week, I had the honor of taking two of our children to observe the funeral procession of fallen Phoenix Police officer David Glasser. He was gunned down by a 19-year-old during a burglary call.
This married father of two, a 12 year veteran, lost his life over a BURGLARY.

His wife is going to an empty bed every night, over a burglary.
His children are wondering when Daddy will come kiss them goodnight, and losing hope that he will, over a burglary.

It disgusts me.

It was 90 degrees that day, and the last day of school for my kids. After a quick lunch, we decided to go home and get our flag that we've been proudly flying, in honor of law enforcement and in memory of Officer Glasser. We drove the 10 minutes to the site where the officer's procession would drive past. Positioned on the corner on ramp to the freeway with about 25 other people waving American flags, we somberly held our flag and placed our hands on our hearts.

And mine broke.

We stood in the heat for over an h…

Cup Size Matters!

We all have our little obsessions. Did you know.... you can walk into someone's house and get a pretty good idea for who they are, what they like and maybe even what their hygiene habits are like, in about four seconds? For example, walking into a house that clearly has several indoor animals (judging by the pet hair wafting through the air and the dog peeing in the corner) and you are already picturing the piled up dirty laundry and someone who may not have washed their hair for a few days and may be just slightly off their rocker. Or poised to chop you up with a hachet. Whatever. CALM DOWN DOG PEOPLE AND CAT LADIES IT'S JUST AN EXAMPLE. (I have a sanitary little fish, though. Just saying.)

What I'm SAYING is, you can stroll into my house (if I decide not to have everyone hit the deck and pretend not to be home even though GRAVITY-FRIGGING-FALLS is blasting at 96% volume in the front living room by the door when the stupid doorbell rings) and go "Wow. Someone here li…

20 Times Lucille Bluth Showed Us Real Motherhood.

Oh, you sillies that have never seen Arrested Development. Or, if you have, don't understand it. This clearly means you have no adequate sense of humor, and probably don't belong on this blog or in my Circle of Trust (I'll give my brother a slight pass for not liking it. Which makes zero sense because it's so awesome. But he's my brother, so....)

I introduce to you: Lucille Bluth. Lucille is the Mom that some of us are on the inside. She says the things we would sometimes LOVE to say, even if it means we're being a horrible person. Oh well.
OR Lucille is the nightmare Mom that we NEVER EVER EVER WANT TO BE. You know her. She's the one that popped into your head just now and made you do that internal eye rolling. Yep, that one. She's the Mom that, depending on the situation, we either aspire to be, because oh I wish I could say that, or loathe, being forced to communicate with the that trollop through gritted teeth. You'll either see yourself in her…