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33 Signs You Were An Early 90's High School Girl

You smelled like Exclamation and your boyfriend smelled like Drakkar.You wore overalls. With one shoulder strap. Over a sweater.You thought your new perm and your curled, teased and Rave level 4 bangs were hot.Janet Jackson made you realize your female power when you saw her video for "If". And you started doing 5000 crunches a day. It lasted two days.You bought your first CD. And player.You were rad if you had a mounted Discman in your car that had a cassette adapter and skipped when you hit bumps- but you didn't let it spoil your game while listening to Duran Duran.You had a gigantic bow on every formal and semi formal dress you wore to any fancy dance. Ever.Your hair was in a banana clip for prom.You had Marky Mark in his underwear plastered to your wall.Your Z Cavaricci jeans were acid washed and had a zipper on the ankle.You wore guess jeans with the tight rolled up cuff together with your Keds.You learned that wearing onesie bodysuits, while stylish, gave you self-…